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018: Bryan and Shannon Miles on Igniting Leadership Legacy: Developing Your Leaders

igh-level topics and some of the resources we use to develop BELAY’s emerging leaders in our leadership development program

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About This Episode

If you have any desire to grow your business, you’ll eventually have to develop more people capable of supporting the organization. You’ll need people who can confidently and competently step into leadership roles. In this episode, we will help you get more out of your team by developing them as leaders and give you a tiny peek into BELAY’s approach to leadership development.

Joining us to talk about this are the founders and chairs of BELAY, Bryan and Shannon Miles. We will be talking about how they grew a world-class organization and stepped out of the day-to-day by trusting leaders and grooming them to run it all!

1. The quicker you trust, the quicker you can delegate.

It’s so important as a leader to trust the people who work for us so we can give up the tasks we don’t need to be still doing. Identify those people and develop them. That way, you don’t become the productivity lids in your organization. That has been an important factor in the growth of BELAY and it will greatly help you grow your company as well.

2. Take inventory of yourself. 

In other words, know yourself and what you want for your organization. We’re primarily speaking to people who want to grow a business and grow it fast. That may not be you, and that’s okay! You might be okay with being a solopreneur and don’t necessarily see delegating in your future. There’s nothing wrong with that. So take inventory of what you want for your future and the future of your business, then determine if and how leaders will help you on that journey.

3. Being the best at a task doesn’t always translate to being a good leader.

One mistake many companies make (including us in the past) is promoting someone based solely on how well they’ve done their job. Your best salesperson won’t automatically know how to be a good leader. Before promoting, make sure you’re looking at someone for their leadership qualities, not just their job performance. Some of the best performers aren’t great leaders because they’ve been so focused on “doing the thing” that they find it difficult to let go and delegate.


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