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073: Harnessing The “It” Platforms: Turning Social Into Sales & Followers Into Ambassador

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Harnessing The "It" Platforms: Turning Social Into Sales & Followers Into Ambassadors

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About This Episode

When companies think of staff or customers posting on their social media channels, they become fearful. What will be said? Will this hurt my business? How can I make it stop if it gets out of hand?


Phil Pallen, CEO of Phil Pallen Collective and the host of the Brand Therapy podcast, joins Tricia and Lisa to help you overcome these fears and see how social media can be an incredible sales tool, allowing you to use your team members and customers as ambassadors for your brand.

1. Branding is simply recreating the in-person experience online, as closely as possible.

You should want to humanize your marketing, keeping in mind that social media types might change over the years, but they will always come down to interactions between humans. Don’t make it overwhelming and complicated.

2. When it comes to marketing, make it a conversation, not a broadcast.

Listen to your customers. Really listen to them! Don’t be afraid to have a conversation about their experiences, interests, and life priorities. It’s becoming less and less about traditional demographics and more about qualitative features and characteristics of your customers. Your customers will have interesting things to say if you will listen.

3. Listen to yourself.

It’s all about content and personality. The content is what you say and the personality is the unique way only you can say it. Phil Pallen uses a transcription tool called Otter that allows you to see your conversations and how you are reacting to different things in real time. When you capture everything in this way, you’ll always be able to find little nuggets of wisdom that you might have forgotten about before. You can use those as social media posts!

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