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3 Tools to Unlock Your Leadership Potential

For even more leadership insights from our very own Lisa Zeeveld, watch her Ted Talk, “Going Beyond Growth Mindset with Self-Efficacy.”

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About This Episode

Business professionals often lack the guidance they need to grow their careers, which limits their opportunities, influence, and impact. When they have a proven process to help them develop their emotional intelligence, relationships, and skillset, they gain confidence, accelerate their growth, master their goals, and succeed personally and professionally.


In this special episode, Tricia will interview Lisa about how you can unlock your leadership potential, a topic she’s extremely passionate about.

1. Don’t just promote leaders.

Help them grow into one. You can do that by helping them understand what it means to be a leader, what it means to be a better person. That takes time. It’s an investment. True mentorship isn’t just about passing along a book to read. It’s about building relationships that foster growth.

2. You need to understand yourself before you can really grow as a leader.

This is emotional intelligence. It’s about how you show up and the type of influence you have in a room. Leaders without emotional intelligence lose influence and effectiveness. It’s not about changing who you are. It’s about understanding who you are.

3. Relationships matter.

You have to value people if you want to be a great leader. You don’t rise alone. You need a great support system with people who will advocate for you. Find people who will speak your name in a good way when you’re not around.

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