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How to Implement What You Learn from Business Books

This week’s download is from Bryan and his team at Stroke of Genius to help you start getting the most from the content you read. It recaps the WIT framework he shared with us during this episode.

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About This Episode

If you’ve ever searched for business books on Amazon, you know the choices are almost unlimited. Where do you even start?


In this episode, Lisa and BELAY’s Director of Marketing, Amy Appleton, are joined by Bryan Kelly, a strategic advisor, investor, and founder of Stroke of Genius. His Stroke of Genius program provides busy leaders with key ideas to execute from popular business books. Today, he’ll chat about how leaders and readers can identify the right books for them, then quickly identify and retain the advice they need to become better leaders.

1. We write to remember, but we remember because we write.

This is important to think about when you are reading a book. Actively taking notes, whether it’s in the margins or in a separate journal, helps solidify the information in your mind. You’re much more likely to remember something you’ve written down versus simply highlighting it or taking note of it in your mind.

2. Know the difference between creating demand and capturing demand.

Those who create demand are in tune to their customers’ needs. They understand the customer and their problems and can directly respond to them. Those who capture demand rely more on brand agnostic consumers and usually focus on the “scraps” left over from demand creators via Google, etc to sell their product or service.

3. Be open to hearing honest feedback about your idea during market research.

If they don’t like what you offer, dig in and find out why. When it comes to your consumers or potential consumers, every answer is a right answer. It’s there for a reason. It’s your job to understand why they feel the way they do so you can better answer their needs in the future – or simply understand that it’s just not a good fit.

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