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The 8 Pillars of Trust

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About This Episode

Everything of value is built on trust. You’ll pay more for the trusted brand, follow the trusted leader, and buy from the trusted salesperson. Trust is the single uniqueness of the greatest leaders, organizations and brands of all time.


In this episode Tricia and LZ are joined by David Horsager, CEO of Trust Edge Leadership Institute and the best-selling author of The Trust Edge. He’s here to discuss his 8 pillars of trust and how you can practically become more trustworthy as a leader.

1. Leaders lose clarity because of time and change.

The world is constantly changing and leaders need to adapt with those changes. Everyone could have more clarity at times. It’s vital to know when the changing environment around you could be affecting the clarity of your message. Restate your message early and often.

2. There is a difference between confidentiality and transparency. 

Transparency shows authenticity. But sometimes, depending on the situation, you may need to be more confidential as a leader. Not everyone needs to know everything at all times – and there are good reasons for that. Use your judgment to determine the right balance between the two.

3. Follow the 3-step process to clarity.

Ask these three questions: How? How? How? In other words, when looking for clarity, keep asking “how?” until you get to your actionable item – the thing you’re going to do tomorrow to get started. This will help you get down to the root of the issue and take practical steps.

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