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062: Integrated Marketing — Combining Offline & Online Marketing for Better Results

About This Episode

Organizations often focus their marketing on a few channels that have worked for them in the past without understanding other opportunities to promote their business and make an impact. Unfortunately, this leaves their organization vulnerable if even one of their previous tactics or channels doesn’t produce at previous levels.


How can leaders at these organizations better use all marketing channels – both online and offline – to help them achieve the best possible results?


In today’s episode, Tricia will be joined by our friend, Michael Taggart, the COO of Envoy Media Group, an award-winning direct-response marketing company. He’ll talk with us about how he uses online and offline marketing channels for his clients so they can better market their organizations.

1. Find your one thing.

When it comes to marketing, find one differentiator and use it over and over again. Try not to say all the things that make you awesome because that just gets overwhelming and confusing for customers. With marketing, less is always more. Focus on your one thing and hit it again and again.

2. Get all your data and insights in one place. 

Though you might be using different marketing channels, do your best to funnel it all into one place to see the end result. Envoy built their own tool for this, but many companies offer this as a service as well. This will make it much easier to interpret data and build strategy when you have everything in the same place.

3. Use a sticky marketing strategy.

When you use that one sticky point over and over again, people will remember you – even if they don’t click on the ad. They are more likely to search for you after the fact. This type of strategy speaks directly to a problem, a need someone has, and shows how your solution fixes it. With that, your product/service is “living rent-free” in someone’s mind.

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