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Today’s business leaders are pulled in lots of different directions as they lead organizations navigating rapid change, meet the demands of home, and experience pressure to be all things to all people. Transformative leaders lead from their center instead of their circumstances so they can work from a place of calm, clarity, and conviction.

In today’s episode, we’re joined by Amy Balog, the CEO of Connextion Point, who has worked with Fortune 500 executives and their teams to help these highly talented folks find a clear pathway for higher return leadership behaviors that directly impact business performance. She’s here to help us understand how we can have those same results

1. If you don’t understand why you are motivated the way you are, it’s more difficult to succeed as a leader.

In that situation, circumstances start ruling us because we’re pulling from external things to define us. When you’re centered a a leader, you are more prepared for the day-to-day curveballs that come your way and you can make much more of an impact.

2. So many people use busyness to hide who they are.

Amy Balog calls this “busy asleep.” They are sleeping through life, using busyness as a way to mask everything else about themselves. Eventually, this can have a negative toll both emotionally and physically. Sure, it’s okay to love your work, but are you working so much that you’re losing yourself in the process?

3. We’re always evolving.

As you become more centered as a leader, make sure you’re always revisiting the questions that helped you reach that point. Don’t ask yourself these questions just once and think that you’re good. You’re always asking and thinking through the questions that helped you find yourself in the first place.

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