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Lessons Learned from a Non-Profit Leader

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About This Episode

We all know 2020 had a profound impact on organizations everywhere, and nonprofits were no exception. With resources tight and fundraising down, nonprofits struggled to have a positive outlook on the future, unsure of how they’d still make an impact on the causes they’re passionate about a decade from now.


Joining us today is Bob Rodgers, the CEO of Street Grace, an amazing nonprofit that continues the fight to completely eradicate sex trafficking, a multi-billion dollar illegal global industry. Bob does incredible work, and he’ll share his story with Tricia and Lisa, what it’s been like leading a nonprofit through a pandemic, and what the future holds.

1. Businesses and nonprofits can learn from each other.

It’s too easy to think that businesses and corporations only focus on the bottom line while nonprofits don’t think about that as much but only on making an impact. But, the truth is, the best businesses and nonprofits think about both. Nonprofits who focus on impact while also paying close attention to profit/loss have the best opportunity to make a real difference. And businesses who choose to focus on both can do the same.

2. Tell stories.

One of most effective strategies, whether you are a nonprofit or for-profit, is to make sure you are telling stories about the difference your organization/product/service is making. This is a great way for your customers and clients to connect with your vision and mission and get on board with what you are doing. Always tell stories, not from your perspective, but from the viewpoint of the people and community you are trying to help.


3. To get more involved with nonprofits, spend time thinking about the issues you’re most passionate about.

What issues make you stop and think? Water shortage? Sex trafficking? Homelessness? Almost any issue will have people who are working to help somewhere in your city or state. Spend some time thinking about what really stirs your heart and emotions – and that’s exactly where you can start focusing your energy in the nonprofit space.

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