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How to Have Productive Employees Without Micromanaging

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About This Episode

With more and more companies permanently or temporarily going remote, leaders are having to find new ways to adjust to being involved and productive with their teams.


So, whether you’re new to this whole remote work thing or a seasoned veteran, how can you make sure your employees are productive without being all in their business? In other words, how can you be a good leader without micromanaging? Tricia and LZ will talk about this and more in this week’s episode.

1. Hire adults who know how to do their job and do it well, then trust them to do it.

Micromanaging your team makes it appear that you don’t trust them, which will eventually lead to them not trusting you. If you have a solid, healthy hiring process, trust that process to bring you the right people who will allow you to do what you do best.

2. Revisit your delegation priorities regularly.

As a leader, what you’re responsible for today might be different than what you were responsible for six months ago. The more you can begin shedding tactical work for strategic work, the more you’ll be able to better lead your team and cast vision for its future.


3.  Sometimes just good, old-fashioned communication is all you need to be a good leader.

There’s nothing wrong with using the latest, fancy communication tools to keep you and your team informed. But, sometimes, a simple post-it note, five-minute conversation, or quick phone call is all you need. Don’t make your team jump through a bunch of technological hoops if you can be more efficient in other ways.

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