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In this special edition of One Next Step, we’re celebrating the 50th episode of the podcast by sharing a few highlights from some of our most popular episodes. We have had so many great episodes, so it was hard to narrow it down but we picked a few favorites.


You’ll hear from Daymond John from Shark Tank, Michael Hyatt, Megan Hyatt Miller, Colleen Stanley, and the founders of BELAY, Bryan and Shannon Miles, as they talk about topics like the biggest barrier to work-life balance, the most important part of your strategic plan, why salespeople underperform, and how delegation empowers team members and drives performance. So settle in and enjoy this special episode.

1. Life is a series of mentors.

No matter where you are in your career, whether you’re just getting started or have been at it for years, you always need a mentor. And, eventually, you always should be looking to mentor others. Look for people who have been there before you, and be willing to share with those who haven’t gotten to where you are yet. And that doesn’t always relate to age – think of what an 18-year-old could share with you about certain technologies or social media you might not be familiar with as a 50-year-old.

2. Vision is where you’re going, and strategy is how you get there.

Michael Hyatt suggests going beyond making just a simple vision statement. Make a vision script. This is a short, three-to-five page document, written in the present tense, that talks about where you want to be in the future as if you are already there. Real vision is about thinking of the future of your team, your product development, your marketing, and your eventual impact.


3. Every business leader should always be prepared for sudden change.

That should be a huge takeaway from the 2020 global pandemic. David Farmer talks about how Chick-fil-A had to suddenly adapt its business model from dining rooms and drive-thrus to exclusively making to-go orders with dining rooms closed. If you aren’t prepared for changes, you’ll never be able to quickly adapt to keep your business running smoothly, even through a national crisis.

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