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About This Episode

We’ve all met people or heard stories of people who were the best in their field — earned lots of money, helped lots of people, and received lots of praise, but we later discover that their personal life was in shambles or they were burdened by depression. Every business leader listening to this podcast knows there is a psychological price associated with being in charge. Inc. Magazine once referred to as “the downside of being up.”

Today, we’re going to learn tips and strategies to make sure your success at work adds to, not subtracts from, your life. We’ll be joined by Anthony Flynn – the founder of Amazing CEO and the CEO of The WorkFaith Connection. Anthony is talking with us about how to align your career with your life so it adds joy and fulfillment.

1. You have permission to view success differently.

Today’s guest, Anthony Flynn, left his “dream job” as a C-Suite executive at the age of 24 to work in ministry outreach for $25,000 a year. Why? He saw the long game. He knew himself enough to know that his idea of fulfillment is helping others. Even though some people called him “stupid” to leave that job, he knew that it wouldn’t be his source of happiness. It’s easy to get caught up in the institutionalized idea of success – big house, big job title, big paycheck – but will that ultimately make you happy? 

2. Many people don’t put the same level of effort into their relationships as their professional lives.

How would your personal life change – your relationships with your wife, kids, closest friends – if you put the same level of focus into growing closer to them as you do with winning at work? Ultimately, those relationships matter most, and you’ll never truly be happy without the support of others. Anthony Flynn’s definition of success is “Am I finishing well with my wife and kids?” How would you answer that question?

3. Most people overestimate who they actually are at the expense of underestimating who they have the ability to become.

In other words: Is your Instagram self your real self? Too many people want to look good without doing the work to really look good in real life. They want to look fit, but are they really exercising? They want to look wealthy but have they really done the work to be professionally successful? They want to look like they have the perfect family and the perfect house, but what do things really look like behind the scenes? Focus on being authentic, on who you have the ability to become, instead of worrying about how you look to others.

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