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How Leveraging An Assistant Will Change Your Life & Maximize Your Time


The idea of an assistant conjures up one of these feelings:

About The Book
  • Excitement “I’m ready to hand these things off!”
  • Dread “I’m afraid to let someone into my chaos.”
  • Fear “What do I even do with this person?”

I’ve encountered countless people with these feelings of dread and fear. Usually those responses are rooted in something else: uncertainty.

They simply don’t know what to do with an assistant. Managing an inbox and calendar don’t sound like enough work for someone, right? That’s only for CEOs of big companies, right?


An assistant is the secret weapon you need to level up your leadership in the new year. Someone should be in your corner managing the details so you stay focused on the priorities.

You know this, but it doesn’t eliminate the uncertainty.

My new book is an uncertainty destroyer. I’ve spent more than a decade at BELAY, a virtual assistant company. I’ve led them, trained them, and even worked as one early in my career. I’ve seen all sides and know the secrets for success.

Use this book to eliminate the uncertainty and get a clear plan for how to effectively use an assistant. This isn’t fluff, theory, or pure inspiration. It’s battle-tested tactics that work.

BELAY is the way to stop being overwhelmed.

Feel like you can’t take a vacation?

Find yourself being busy instead of productive?

Losing hours of your day to email?

Feeling like your days are out of control?

Getting started is the easiest thing you’ll do today.


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