10 Things a Pastor Can Delegate to a Social Media Manager – With Examples

Delegation is one of the most effective tools in a church leader’s tool kit. Delegation empowers your team and helps you grow your church. Here are our Top 10 suggested tasks you can start delegating immediately with the help of a Social Media Manager.

Relationship Building - Engage with your local community

Support the local business community by seeking out opportunities and events to promote through your social media channels

Engage with other churches and networks in your community to build awareness and possible collaboration opportunities

Engaging with your community as they ask questions or look for additional information on the church

Building an Online Community - Increase engagement with your followers

Handling all commenting and direct messaging across all social channels

Monitoring mentions and tags of your church in others’ social media accounts

Researching people groups to better reach targeted audiences

Content Creation - Creating Content That Connects With Your Community

Collaborating with your team to create a monthly content calendar with relevant content based on the season of ministry or new ministry initiatives

Working on creating a diversity of content to demonstrate the culture and personality of your church

Curating produced content for future use

Reporting and Goal Setting - Measuring success and developing key metrics with your team

Developing, implementing, and managing of social media strategies

Providing weekly and monthly reports based on metrics specific to your church and its goals

Creating smaller, segmented interest groups in Facebook to help connect people

Developing & establishing key metrics with your team

Reporting and Goal Setting - Measuring success and developing key metrics with your team

Identifying Brand Ambassadors That Will Share Your Content Even If They Don’t Attend Your Church

Communicating The Vision and Culture Of Your Church With Your Community