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Run Your Business

Instead Of Allowing It To Run You.

Are you ready to get more done and see more results? One Next Step is the most practical business podcast in the world. We aim to provide takeaways and actionable insights for you every single week so you can affect change in your business as soon as possible.

Simple & Successful Tips

Small steps that will propel you towards big business!

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Compiled and curated tools that will move your organization forward today!

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Business street smarts that will guide you to leading with confidence!

Running a business is exciting, but it can also be overwhelming.

  • Ever feel exhausted by your workload and all the responsibilities you’re juggling?
  • Or confused as to what you’re supposed to be working on in the first place?
  • Or stuck in the same old ruts and cycles?

We get it. We understand that leading an organization is hard work, especially if you’re running a small business. That’s where One Next Step comes in. Let our weekly business podcast help lower your shoulders and open your mind to new perspectives on the problems you’re facing.

One Next Step is the small business
mentor you’ve always wanted.

Meet Your Hosts: Tricia & Lisa

After working with thousands of entrepreneurs, executives, and organizations, the powerhouse remote company leaders at BELAY are committed to sharing our most simple and successful business ideas. Tricia Sciortino, BELAY CEO, and Lisa Zeeveld, BELAY COO & CFO, aren’t sharing philosophy—One Next Step is all about applicable, hands-on, real-world business knowledge that will help real-life leaders – just like you. 


Tricia Sciortino

As CEO of BELAY, I strive to lead and inspire our team to provide extraordinary services while finding great talent along the way. It’s my distinct privilege to be able to cast vision for the future of BELAY and empower our team to live our mission: Glorifying God by providing solutions that equip our clients with the confidence to climb higher.

Born and raised in Long Island, I attended the University of Hartford and earned a degree in Business Administration and Management. For ten years, I served as District Manager for the retail chain Pacific Sunwear, however, when my first child was born, I – like many other parents – found myself struggling to balance my high-profile career with my new role as a mother.

Enter: BELAY. Joining a startup during the recession was risky, but I took a leap of faith. As BELAY’s first employee and virtual assistant – and then onto serve as Director, Vice President, President, COO, and now CEO – I’ve spent the last nearly 10 years ‘walking the walk’ of what we call the Third Option: the ability to cultivate a balanced life with a successful career while making family and personal relationships a priority.

As a leader, I’m passionate about each of us owning and forging our own paths, careers, and professional development, putting each of our valued employees and contractors in the driver's seat to cultivate the balance of work and life that best suits them.

It’s been said that ‘time is money,’ I couldn’t disagree more because unlike money, time is finite so I am passionate about boundaries, saying ‘no’ and knowing my limits – knowing where I add value, where I can step aside and where I need to show up, both personally and professionally.

I live in Charlotte, NC with my husband, two daughters and stepson and am grateful – seriously grateful – for the opportunity to live out my third option every day as a hands-on mom while supporting those I lead in living out theirs.


Lisa Zeeveld

I'm the COO, CFO, and original culture cultivator at BELAY, the leading virtual staffing solutions company. I ensure that the optimum people and processes are in place to allow BELAY to realize maximum profitability since the success of an organization begins and ends with its people.

I thrive in creating dynamic and healthy cultures by developing recruiting strategies for hiring ideal team players, launching programs to increase team member engagement, creating initiatives that cultivate over 95-percent retention, and leveraging technology for innovative solutions.

With my Series-6 Limited Securities and Health and Life Insurance licenses, and prior experience in corporate finance and personal wealth management for several Fortune 500 companies, including Arthur Andersen and Weber Shandwick, I’m uniquely equipped to drive strategic initiative success by focusing on the company goals holistically.

I am fanatical about people and numbers, the utilization of agile methodologies, bottom-line profitability, and creating opportunities for professional and personal growth. I’m also a lifelong learner as an avid reader, history buff, and architecture geek.

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The One Next Step podcast is not only primed to help you grow your business, but it will also help you create more margin so that you can enjoy your life.

Each week, BELAY will release a new episode that answers your pressing questions about leading an organization. Each episode will highlight one next step you can take for your organization, and it will include an activation guide so that you can take immediate action to apply what you’ve learned today.

Get relief, clarity, and an effective plan of action. You are one simple tip, practical tool, and small step away from overcoming your current challenges and maximizing your business opportunities.


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