“What we do is sell chicken.

I didn’t get into the business to do administrative work.”

As the Owner/Operator of a Chick-fil-A, Tim Sweetman dreamed bigger.

And after studying more successful operators, he realized that, like them, he needed an assistant.

“I started seeing that they were simply taking their 40 hours a week and able to double that without putting additional effort in,” he explains.

So he got a BELAY Virtual Assistant – and hasn’t looked back.

“There've been so many times that I've looked back as a brand new operator, and … I just can't imagine going through some of the challenges of opening a new restaurant without support,” Tim says.

“I just don't know how it would've made it. I don't know how I would've been able to accomplish it without [her] help.

“Even if it's just your wife turning to you and saying, ‘I get to see you a lot more than I did before.’ That's really important.”

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