Get Started in 7Geese

Update your picture

The system will prompt you to update your picture, this should be the same headshot photo you use in Salesforce.


You can update this at any time by clicking on your name to get to your profile and then clicking the blue Edit button.

Create Onboarding Objectives

Your Training Plan walks you through your first two weeks (sometimes more) at BELAY, but your Onboarding continues beyond that! 


You will be able to leverage our Performance Management Tool, 7Geese, to keep track of your Onboarding Objectives (aka 30-, 60-, and 90-day Goals). Your Training Plan contains a 30/60/90 tab that will get you started and more may be added to that based on discussions with your Leader.


This video will walk you through the steps to create an Onboarding Objective in 7Geese:

Here are the steps mapped out for you to create an Onboarding Objective in 7Geese:

  1. Log into 7Geese
  2. Click on the blue “New Objective” button in the top right corner
  3. Skip the “Alignment” section
  4. Enter your Objective name (this can be as simple as “My 30-day Goals”)
  5. Click on “Options” 
  6. Select your date range, leave the Type as “Personal”, change the Privacy to “Participants Only”, add the Label “Onboarding”
  7. Add in your Key Results – 
    1. These are each of those things you need to check off to achieve your goal, to get you started you can pull from the 30/60/90 tab in your Training Plan
    2. The Measurement Type for most Key Results here will be “Complete/Incomplete”
    3. Choose if you’d like a weekly Check-in Reminder
  8. Click the “Save Objective” button