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You know the world is changing. Fifteen years ago there was no iPhone. Most, if not all people went into an office Monday – Friday. Conference calls around the big table were the only way you could connect with others in different locations. Being able to “dial-in” from home was reserved for only a select few and was very uncommon.

Fast forward to now. Remote work is here, and I believe the next wave is coming. Technology continues to change which changes the way people can productively work. “expect” to be able to work. But there is a resistance to keep the status quo of large beautiful campuses, and people being in offices and cubicles. I want to disrupt that; remote work and remote companies are the future. Now, more than ever, is the time to break free from the shackles that keep employees tied to offices.

In the last 8 years my wife, Shannon, and I have built a company of over 700 people, and every one of them work remotely in their home office. The only two people that share office space are Shannon and I. BELAY is walking the walk. We’ve been on the Inc 5000 list 5 times, and #1 spot in Entrepreneur Magazine’s Best Company Culture. It’s possible to create productive, profitable and growing companies that people want to work for – all without a centralized corporate facility.

When I’m not working, I’ve been known to find mountains to climb, with my last summit being Mount Rainier. Mentoring other entrepreneurs and small business owners to reach their vision and discovering new opportunities for business. You can also find the Miles family on the front porch of our home in Georgia; on the beach in the Panhandle of Florida; and Jackson Hole, Wyoming.


Virtual Culture: The Way We Work Doesn't Work Anymore

It’s the twenty-first century, yet most companies maintain a twentieth century corporate culture. Despite instant communication and collaboration through wireless computers and smartphones, employers needlessly rent or own office space. Bryan Miles has a reality check for you: the future of business is virtual, and it’s going to take more than technology upgrades for you to upgrade your workplace environment. Learn More

9 Reasons to Rethink Your Approach to Staffing

Can’t find the right person for your team? Frustrated with a lack of local talent? Need less than a full-time person? Tried the virtual thing overseas with a horrific result? You are not alone. Today’s business climate demands – especially in the area of staffing – agility. Finding the right person is an overwhelming hurdle that some organizations choose not to attempt and other organizations must endure hoping to find the right fit. The good news is that new approaches to staffing are emerging to help businesses connect with the right person, minimize risk, save time, and ultimately move you closer to accomplishing your objectives.

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BELAY is the leading premium virtual staffing company providing five-star virtual assistants, bookkeeping and payroll specialists, and webmasters to small and large companies across the United States helping them fill important organizational roles. BELAY’s vision is to help their clients achieve their vision.