Virtual Bookkeepers: Best of the Blog 2019

Are you hiding from family during the business of the holidays? Take a break from binge watching your show and catch up on a little reading. We’ve rounded up the best of our virtual bookkeeper blogs from the year.

You blinked, didn’t you?

We did, too. For about 350 days, give or take. We’re not sure how, but 2019 is coming to an expeditious close, with the finish line barreling menacingly toward us.

We totally blinked. 

These last few days of the year will whiz at us at full-tilt warp speed with holidays, parties, friends and family all wanting a piece of our precious final days of 2019. 

So if you’re hiding – err, ‘taking out the trash’ – to find a moment’s reprieve from all the everythings making demands of your time and energy, treat yourself to this easy-breezy, no-pressure round-up of our top-5 best virtual bookkeeping blogs of 2019 for your reading pleasure. 

Why Hire A Bookkeeper For Your Church in 2019

“Any business – for-profit, non-profit or 501(c)(3) – deals in money. Regardless of what the organization actually does with its money, it all needs to be counted, spent and managed responsibly. As such, businesses hire bookkeepers to maintain their financial records, including records of the dates and amount of every transaction, tax planning, financial planning, consulting services and more.

“But often, churches might ask the question, “Why should we hire a bookkeeper?” when they can forgo the services of a professional in order to keep things ‘in-house’ and cost-effective. However, a bookkeeper can actually be a cost-effective solution because hiring a professional to handle their finances may save them money in the long run.

“Sounds too good to be true, right?  Hear us out.”

Read more reasons to hire a bookkeeper here.

Bookkeeping: How To Go Virtual

“When it comes to weighing the pros and cons of hiring a virtual bookkeeper, we know there’s a lot to consider. The health and vitality of your company’s finances are nothing to be taken lightly, and as such, any decisions on how they’ll be managed – and by whom – are paramount.

“But your finances are not the only thing you juggle.

“So in an effort to help you save precious, precious time on research – Are you ready for a virtual bookkeeper? What are the reasons to hire? What are the benefits? What can you delegate? – we’ve put together this handy little cheat sheet for you since virtual bookkeeping is totally our lane, wheelhouse, and purview.”

Read more about how to go virtual here.

Day in the Life: Kim Bush

“When Kim moved from Florida to Georgia in 2014, she was blessed with the opportunity to continue with her company of 10 years by transitioning to working remotely from home. Kim continued working for them for 2 1/2 years until they needed to transition the position back in-house. 

“For the first time in 13 years, she was looking for employment and the thought of going back to the office grind after having the flexibility of at-home employment was devastating! 

“Kim says, ‘I prayed for God to guide me towards the perfect opportunity to continue virtual employment, and His will for me, and along came BELAY!’ 

“‘The joy of being able to be home to get my son off to school in the morning, pick him up in the afternoon and not have to stress about sick days and breaks is such a blessing!’”

Read more about a day in the life of a BELAY Virtual Bookkeeper here.

5 Reasons to Use an Outsourced Bookkeeping Service

“We don’t mean to brag but … we know a thing or two about outsourcing. It’s kind of our thing.

“So when we’re asked the inevitable question, ‘Why hire a virtual bookkeeper instead of [insert: doing it myself, hiring an in-house accountant or hiring a CPA]?’ – boy, do we have answers.

“Like, endless reasons why business owners should use outsourced bookkeeping.

“But if you’re still hemming-and-hawing about why you should outsource your bookkeeping, allow us to introduce the following arguments and evidence.”

Read more reasons to use an outsourced bookkeeping service here.

Top-5 Financial Reports Business Owners Need To Review

“Show of hands: Who has opened a financial software application and stepped away a bit overwhelmed with the amount of data available?

“We’ll lead the charge and raise all our hands. Data is decidedly awesome – but it can prove daunting to know what, exactly, to do with it all.

“The wealth of knowledge is certainly there, but even if a business owner knew what reports to run, would they know why they needed them?

“So we asked our very own finance department here at BELAY to shed some light on what reports they run for our C-level executives and what they’re analyzing for our company’s financial health and growth goals.”

Read more about the financial reports business owners need to review here.

‘One more blog!’ you demand. OK, OK. We hear you. Twist our arm, why don’t you? Fine. FINE. But just one more and that’s it, OK? We live to spoil you, after all. 

How to Hire Your First Employee: Costs

“So, you’ve weighed all the considerations for hiring your first virtual employee. But now, it’s time to weigh the costs. The key is finding a virtual employee with just the right blend of experience and skills in order to seamlessly integrate them into your business and be as helpful as possible.

“The million-dollar question: How much does it cost to hire a virtual employee?

“The answer will largely depend on the depth and breadth of your needs, and the rate and expertise of the virtual employee you hire.

“Here we’ll break down some of the most common costs associated with outsourcing to a virtual employee.”

Read more about how much it costs to hire a virtual employee here.

Ah. Just a little break from the white-knuckled madness that is – admittedly – the most wonderful time of the year. But you can’t pour from an empty cup so we’re happy to fill it with some light reading during your ‘me time.’

Now, as you were, back to cooking and cleaning and hosting and wrapping gifts and dinner-partying and shopping … and … and …  it may be time to ‘take out the trash’ again.

Don’t worry. We got you. We rounded up the best virtual assistant blogs from 2019 for you here, too.