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Meet Frank and Shantel. Though they’ve never met, they’re not so different. In fact, we’d even go so far as to argue that their stories aren’t so dissimilar to that of every other entrepreneur. 

Allow us to explain.

Life gets busy. Impossibly busy. And when what you want to accomplish is constantly interrupted by everything that thinks it needs to be accomplished – every ding, ping and notification that demands an immediate Pavlovian response from you – it can feel like you’re being buried under endless to-dos

It can be overwhelming at best, and dispiriting at worst.

So how can entrepreneurs and visionaries better prioritize their time so that the pings and dings don’t get in the way of what only they can do, the magic that only they can perform?

The answer is surprisingly simple: Let a BELAY Virtual Assistant handle it. 

“Before BELAY, I kept finding that I was drifting to things that just didn’t seem like the best use of my time,” Frank Bealer of the Phase Family Learning Center explains.

“I think you just get to a point where you realize that without delegating, without trusting, you’re always going to be in this constant rat race of trying to figure it out,” Shantel Khleif of Imagine Media Consulting adds.

But then along came BELAY and with it, VA extraordinaires, Crystal and Samantha. The clouds parted, a choir of angels sang and life got good.*

*Admittedly, the first two things didn’t literally happen. But the third thing definitely happened.

“The great thing about BELAY is that when we got connected with such a great person in Crystal, she was just solving things for us, helping us navigate life, and watching out for those things that were coming – whether it was a collision in schedule with stuff with family or trying to get to the football game or finishing that meeting that I never even factored in the plan,” Frank says.

Shantel couldn’t agree more. 

“My life changed when I met Samantha with BELAY and she started helping,” she says. “She immediately became my buddy and support system. She knew how to help me. She knew how to prioritize, tackle things, help draft emails – I felt like I had someone in my court to help me do all the things that always fell to the bottom of the list.”

‘OK, sure. You got some administrative help. Does that really qualify as ‘life-changing?’ you ask dubiously.

So glad you asked.

Because that time that is freed by your BELAY Virtual Assistant paves the way for big things. Like, big big things. 

Case in point: Remember when we talked about the 70-percent rule? Allow us to refresh your memory.

It explains that ‘ … if the person you’d like to perform the task is able to do it at least 70 percent as well as you can, you should delegate.’ And the rest is all yours because you’ve determined that only you can do those secret-sauce things.

Frank was able to get back to those long-lost ‘secret-sauce things.’

“In the evenings, I started to think ahead,” he says. “I started to dream about what could be and should be instead of just trying to get through that day because we have to process payroll tomorrow. Suddenly, I got to focus on things a little differently.”

And for Shantel, it was finally owning her business. And we mean ‘owning’ in the sense of reaching the day when her business didn’t need her day-to-day. 

That is the day that you own your business. 

“I took my first work sabbatical after six years in the company,” she gushes. “I took an entire month off – and was able to unplug for an entire month – and without BELAY, I would’ve never been able to do that!”

What would you do with more time and confidence to climb higher? What would you do with time to unplug?