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You’re working. A lot. It’s one of those dizzyingly busy weeks at work.

You have a huge project on deadline. A week crammed to the gills with can’t-miss meetings. That new initiative you’re supposed to roll out soon. An alarming number of emails and an exponentially increasing number of red badge notifications menacingly spreading all over your phone like the pox. Heck, across every device within reach, really.

You can’t even remember the last time you took a sip of water or used the restroom.

Something’s got to give, you decide. That yoga session you scheduled for before work? You’re going to cancel that. That happy hour for your friend’s birthday after work? You’ll need to bail. And who really needs to eat lunch, anyway?

Just … keep … working.

Sound familiar? Because to varying degrees, we’d venture you’ve made similar sacrifices in the name of work. We don’t think twice before putting, well, everything before ourselves in the name of the greater good.

But there is no great – not even any good – that comes from burning the candle at both ends.

And it’s usually around this point that someone mentions ‘self-care.’ Or they talk about how you can’t pour from an empty cup. You know, the usual drivel that comes from people who clearly aren’t keeping themselves busy enough.

Self-care sounds indulgent, luxurious, even, so there’s no way they know what they’re talking about.

Or do they?

Because it just so happens that Shannon Miles – yes, the Shannon Miles of BELAY Co-Founding and Co-Chairing fame – is just such a person to espouse the virtue of self-care.

We’re talking about a woman who went on an off-the-grid three-month sabbatical with her family last year.

So if you’re ready to work to live – and not the other way around – check out her article on the importance of self-care with 10 totally reasonable, actionable, everyday things you can do to pour back into yourself.

Read on here.