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ICYMI: May Podcast Roundup

Missed any of our podcasts last month? Or just can’t get enough of them? Say no more – we got you! Here, we’ve rounded up every podcast from last month for at-your-fingertips easy access and your listening pleasure.   How to Navigate A Loss of Revenue The market always evolves. While the pandemic has created additional financial pressure for most…

Bookkeeping 101: Basics for Beginners

Table of Contents Bookkeeping 101: Basics for Beginners What Is Bookkeeping? Accountant vs. Bookkeeper  The Basic Account Types How To Do Bookkeeping for Small Business Create Your Chart of Accounts Record Transactions Reconcile Transactions Run Financial Statements When To Hire A Bookkeeper vs. Doing It Yourself   Bookkeeping 101: Basics for Beginners So, you need to do some bookkeeping. Or…

Future-Proofing Your Business: Are You Playing The Long Game – Or Are You Shortsighted?

Look. We’re done coddling. Yes, many of you were forced to go remote last year. And, admittedly, you did your best. We commend you for that.  For so many of you and your industries, there was no blueprint for how to go remote. So you researched, looked at industries to your right and left, and on a hope and prayer,…
Church Leadership
VA or SMS: A Breakdown For Churches
How To
Courageous Conversations: Everything You Need to Know From An HR Pro
'I’m fine.'
From ‘I’m Fine’ To Actually Fine With A Social Media Strategist
ICYMI: April Podcast Roundup
Remote Workforce
5 Signs You Need A Social Media Strategist
BELAY’s Top 10 Favorite Things

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Popular How-Tos

July 27, 2017

How to Find a Good Bookkeeper (and Not Get Burned)

June 11, 2020 in How To

Just Be You: Our Stance On Diversity & Inclusion

This is how we encourage our employees to bring their best, most authentic whole selves to work every day – and how you can, too.
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February 1, 2018 in How To, Remote Workforce

How to Know When It’s Time to Start Delegating

On Friday night, you were answering emails and posting to social media during your daughter's dance recital. On Saturday morning, you were conversing with a client on chat about a new project during your son's soccer game. Do you even remember what you ate at your anniversary dinner or was your mind on work? How long has it been since…
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October 31, 2019 in How To, Remote Workforce

How to Hire Your First Employee: Costs

So, you’ve weighed all the considerations for hiring your first virtual employee. But now, it’s time to weigh the costs. The key is finding a virtual employee with just the right blend of experience and skills in order to seamlessly integrate them into your business and be as helpful as possible. The million-dollar question: How much does it cost to…
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April 5, 2018 in Company News, How To, Remote Workforce, Virtual Assistants

How to Become a Virtual Assistant with BELAY

Are you looking for a career change and considering becoming a virtual assistant? Awesome - you found an incredible place to apply. At BELAY, we love making connections with super talented people and introducing them to busy business leaders who need their administrative expertise. We have over 700 Virtual Assistants among BELAY’s ranks. Some work part-time hours while others carry…
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Bookkeepers for Small BusinessVirtual Bookkeepers

Why Virtual Bookkeepers Are Great for Small Businesses

Whether you’re a solopreneur, a small business, or run a Fortune 500 company, there is one tie that binds all businesses: You must manage your money. But it takes a special person to love bookkeeping, and 99 percent of the time, it’s not you.*  (*Based on unscientific research; we totally made up this stat. But it seems irrefutable, right?) That…
September 20, 2018

3 Reasons We Lose Momentum

BELAY is so happy to share our blog with one of our great friends, Shawn Lovejoy. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!    Momentum. When we’ve got it, we’ll do anything to hang on it to. When we’ve lost it, we would do almost anything to get it back! So how does an organization keep from…
September 11, 2018
7 Effective Delegation Tips for Virtual TeamsProductivity

7 Effective Delegation Tips for Virtual Teams

In business, delegation – effective delegation specifically – is a mission-critical skill. And as more organizations move toward a remote workforce, leaders must be adept at delegating. But delegating isn’t easy – at least it doesn’t start that way. It takes practice and commitment, and can be the difference between accelerated growth and stalling out. Here are seven delegation tips…
August 23, 2018
when is it time to delegate tasksHow ToLeadership

How to Know When It’s Time to Delegate Tasks

When is it time to delegate tasks? Is it when you’re sacrificing sleep to get more things done? Is it when you’re deafened by a cacophony of ‘pings’ from your phone, tablet, computer – and more? Or when you’re drowning in mounds of paperwork? The short answer is a resounding ‘YES!’ The long answer is more like a ‘YES! How…
August 16, 2018
Website Specialist

Meet Zhanna Chernyavskiy, Virtual Web Specialist for BELAY!

Recruiting for virtual webmasters can be challenging - working remotely requires different skills than working from company headquarters, and finding workers with these skills requires different techniques than when hiring traditional onsite employees. At BELAY, our recruiters look for the perfect combination of skills and emotional intelligence. When it comes to being a virtual webmaster for BELAY, Zhanna is the ideal…
August 7, 2018
upward delegationHow ToProductivity

How to Deal with Upward Delegation

Maybe you’re not immediately familiar with the terms ‘upward delegation’ or ‘reverse delegation.’ But chances are, you’ve experienced it – both on the giving and receiving end of it.   What is it, you ask?   According to Quora, upward or reverse delegation is ‘ … when you delegate to your boss or someone in a higher organizational position than…
August 2, 2018
How to Monitor Remote EmployeesHow ToRemote Workforce

How to Monitor Remote Employees

Businesses of all sizes are continuing to embrace a remote workforce. In fact, Gallup's State of the American Workplace reveals that roughly 43 percent of companies allow some employees to work remotely. Even more interesting, however, is that the survey revealed remote workers tend to log more hours than their in-office counterparts and tend to be slightly more engaged. Say…
July 26, 2018
How ToLeadershipRemote Workforce

Managing Virtual Teams: How to Lead Remotely

Technology – no shocker – has revolutionized the modern workplace. Where once employees did all their work at the office, Gallup suggests that the virtual workforce is growing exponentially, with 43 percent of U.S. employees working remotely at least some of the time over the past year – up from 39 percent in 2012. And BONUS: It also found that…
July 12, 2018
What is a Virtual Team?Remote WorkforceTeam Building

What is a Virtual Team?

Today, there are more virtual teams than ever before – and the numbers are increasing rapidly. Because as companies expand geographically, as telecommuting becomes more common, and as technology makes the world feel smaller, virtual teams can span the globe. In fact, a recent survey of 1,700 knowledge workers found that 79 percent reported working always or frequently in dispersed…
July 5, 2018
Why We Tried Staffing Automation – And Think You Should, TooRemote Workforce

Why We Tried Staffing Automation – And Think You Should, Too

***WARNING: Humblebrag Alert*** BELAY is growing, you guys. Like, exponentially. Business is BOOMING and we are scrambling with all-hands-on-deck to meet the needs of our ever-growing client base. Of all problems a business could have, we feel confident in saying this is one of those good problems. But it did present us with a unique challenge we’ve never faced before:…
Tricia Sciortino
May 24, 2018
Outsourcing Bookkeeping to Virtual AssistantVirtual Bookkeepers

Can A Virtual Assistant Do Your Bookkeeping?

Invoicing and payables and receivables. Oh, my! We’re going to go out on a limb here and saying that there aren’t many small business owners who actually enjoy doing their own bookkeeping. If you do, this post may not be for you. (Check out this post to see if you really need a CPA). Have you considered outsourcing your bookkeeping…
May 17, 2018
7 Reasons Outsourced Bookkeeping Beats Doing It In-HouseVirtual Bookkeepers

7 Reasons Outsourced Bookkeeping Beats Doing It In-House

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you’ve got nothing but free time to enjoy specialty mini-umbrellaed drinks poolside, right? “What’s ‘free time,’” you ask? Oh, that’s right. There are barely enough hours in the day of a busy entrepreneur to remember to drink anything, let alone lounge. The ever-elusive ‘free time’ is about as attainable as stumbling across a leprechaun riding…
May 10, 2018
personal assistant servicesVirtual Assistants

20 Personal Assistant Services You Can Outsource to Your BELAY VA

A quick Google search of ‘things to outsource to a virtual or personal assistant’ yields some very impressive – albeit overwhelmingly lengthy – lists. ‘137 Tasks You Can Outsource To A Virtual Assistant’ and ‘98 Tasks You can Affordably Outsource to Virtual Assistant Services’ and ‘100 Tasks You Can Outsource to a Virtual Assistant’ and the lists go on ……
April 26, 2018
Daymond John ContestCompany News

Part 2: What’s Jill Hite Doing After The Daymond John Contest?

Have you enjoyed catching up with our Power Meeting with Daymond John contest winners? Today, we’ll share Jill Hite’s update and see what she’s implemented from Daymond’s suggestions. Be sure to scroll all the way down to check out the recap videos from her meeting with Daymond, The People’s Shark! Jill Hite - Sugar Love Boutique Did you implement any of…
April 19, 2018