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BELAY 2018: Year In Review

As we head into the twilight of 2018, who better to sit down with and look back on the year – and maybe even get a little humble braggadocious – than BELAY’s fearless and – insert first humblebrag – amazing COO Tricia Sciortino? Because just when it seems that BELAY has hit its stride and is primed for some cruise…
December 13, 2018
Website Specialist

Meet Joshua Rystedt, Virtual Web Specialist

Being a part of the Contractor Services team at BELAY is incredible. One of the best parts of my job is having so many conversations each month with our contractors about what brought them to BELAY and why they choose to pursue "The Third Option." A particular phone call with one of our virtual web specialists stuck out in my…
December 11, 2018
Virtual Assistants

5 Benefits Of Hiring A Virtual Assistant For Your Church in 2019

Twenty-four hours. That's it; that’s all we get in one day. And some days, you’d swear that you blinked and it’s already tomorrow. If you consider that, on average, you spend over an hour eating each day and nearly nine hours sleeping – insert the laughter of parents of small children here – that leaves roughly 14 hours for literally…
November 29, 2018

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