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Before our first official episode releases on Tuesday, July 7, we wanted to give you a preview of what’s ahead in the One Next Step podcast. In our podcast preview, BELAY’s CEO, Tricia Sciortino, and COO, Lisa Zeeveld, share what you can expect from the podcast each week. You’ll also learn how to submit your business questions to be answered on the podcast and hear a sneak peek into a few of the interviews ahead on upcoming episodes. 


Listen, subscribe on your favorite podcast platform, and join us on July 7 for our first official episode.


Guest Links

Tricia Sciortino on Instagram and LinkedIn.

Lisa Zeeveld on Instagram and LinkedIn


Resource Links

Submit Your Business Question to One Next Step

Daymond John

Michael Hyatt

Ramsey Solutions






“Communication is at the root of a healthy culture. It’s the thing that’s the difference between a culture being strong and vibrant or people being frustrated and wanting to move on to another organization.” — Daniel Tardy

“You can teach hard skills all day long, but you can’t teach people character traits. How people show up is how people show up.” — Tricia Sciortino

“Rushing on the front end to hire someone is going to cost you on the back end.” — Krisha Buehler



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