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The hosts of One Next Step – BELAY CEO Tricia Sciortino and COO Lisa Zeeveld – share their stories about how they came to BELAY, how their differences have made them work so well together, and how they plan on making this – wait for it – the most practical business podcast in the world. 

Subtle and understated, right? We thought so, too.


Topic Timeline 

  • (1:58) Tricia’s background and how she came to BELAY. 
  • (4:48) Lisa’s background and how she started working at BELAY. 
  • (5:12) Lisa built hot rods?! 
  • (5:53) That time Tricia threatened to burn Lisa’s house down. 
  • (8:06) The vision for One Next Step
  • (11:09) Tricia’s Yorkie is a snorer. 
  • (12:33) Lisa’s 25th wedding anniversary soon. Tricia promises to remind Lisa’s husband she needs a big gift! 
  • (13:21) Lisa’s obsession with Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. She had two! 
  • (13:55) Lisa likes pretty things and sprinkling goodness. 
  • (15:02) The differences between the two hosts, how those differences have affected their friendship and working relationship, and how they complement each other. 
  • (18:59) Personality types and their Enneagram numbers. 
  • (19:48) “Diversity as a gift” and why it’s so important on leadership teams and organizations as a whole. 
  • (21:20) Tricia is a great cook and makes some mean Italian meatballs. 
  • (23:00) And chicken wings. 
  • (23:30) And banana bread, cupcakes, and cheesecake. 
  • (24:05) Lisa has a green thumb. 

Guest Links

Tricia Sciortino on Instagram and LinkedIn.

Lisa Zeeveld on Instagram and LinkedIn


Resource Links


Bryan Miles – co-founder/owner of BELAY

Michael Hyatt – author/speaker/CEO of Michael Hyatt & Co.

Snoring Yorkies

Enneagram personality test

Myers Briggs personality test

Kolbe personality test

How To Move Your Plants” [via]



“If we can help one person avoid one wrong next step and take the one right next step, then we’ve done our job.” — Tricia Sciortino

“We always recommend that, as you’re building out your leadership teams, to not find someone that’s exactly like you…There’s a lot of power in the differences of our team members, and we lean into that.” — Lisa Zeeveld

“Diversity is a gift. People usually lean toward working and hiring people that are like them because that’s what feels comfortable and familiar. We learned that, actually, you’re going to run yourself into groupthink if you work and hire people who think exactly like you and function like you.” — Tricia Sciortino


Key Takeaways

  • Diversity is a gift. Hire people who aren’t exactly like you, who don’t think like you, and who keep your team from falling into groupthink. 
  • Leaders can feel lonely and overwhelmed at times. They need someone (or something) to turn to for practical advice. 
  • Sometimes, all it takes to make a big change is one small step. 


Reflection Questions for You | Conversation Starters Your Team

Could your team/organization be more diverse? What’s one step you could take toward making sure you’re not only hiring people who think like you? 

Every leader needs a hobby. Tricia loves to cook. Lisa is into planting flowers. Do you have something you can turn to in order to get your mind off work and career? 

Have you ever taken a personality test like the Enneagram, Myers Briggs, or Kolbe? If not, read up on each of these and see how they can help you and your team work more cohesively. 


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