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About This Episode

Today on the podcast, we have a special episode courtesy of our friends at the Maxwell Leadership Podcast. BELAY CFO Lisa Zeeveld sat down with Mark Cole recently to co-host an episode of the Maxwell Leadership Podcast about how to get time back as a leader.

The conversation was so great that we wanted to be sure our One Next Step listeners could hear it too.


1. Build out an ideal work week to determine when your energy levels are high and when you are doing what you enjoy. This way, you can be intentional about building your schedule and identifying where you need help.
Your job is important, but so are your family, friends, and outside passions. Have a hard start and stop time — and don’t let any lines blur.
2. Manage your time so that your 24 hours are impactful and you’re making a difference in the areas that need you the most. We all have special gifts and a calling, and if you’re not managing your time well, you are missing your calling and opportunities to make a difference. Think about what your hourly rate is and where you’re going to make the most impact.
3. Having a Virtual Assistant increases your capacity and provides you a ‘thinking partner’ in your business. This person understands you and understands how you think. And they often love completing the tasks you hate.
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