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This week, Tim Schurrer is generously giving away the first three chapters of his book, “The Secret Society of Success.”

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About This Episode

Tim Schurrer is the former COO of Donald Miller’s company StoryBrand, and the author of a new book, “The Secret Society of Success.” He is dedicated to helping leaders stop chasing the spotlight and redefine success so they can start making an impact that goes far beyond themselves.


If you are a leader who is tired of trying to climb the ladder of success, or you’re struggling to figure out your purpose, this episode can help.

1. When we focus on chasing the spotlight over building relationships, we miss out on the thing that makes people happiest.

Research shows that relationships are what make people happier and healthier throughout their lives. By putting people and relationships first in your organization, you can transform its culture.

2. If you want to find your purpose, ask yourself “Who am I here for?”

When we commit to investing in the people around us, everyone wins, including your organization.

3. Recognition isn’t bad, but unhealthy desire for it is.

It’s possible (but difficult) to become very successful without allowing your ego and self-worth to become tied up in the amount of credit you receive.

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