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How to Make Better Decisions and Increase Your Influence

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About This Episode

Every leader has to make important decisions. But the truth is, many leaders aren’t that great at it.


In this episode, Daniel Harkavy, the CEO of Building Champions and leadership author, will help you understand his approach with the 7 perspectives of effective leaders – and how you can use that approach to help yourself, and your team, become better at decision making.

1. The best leaders are intentionally curious.

You can tell a man is wise not by the answers he gives but by the questions he asks. All of this stems from humility because good leaders realize they don’t have all the answers. They understand the value in their teams, and they hire them with that in mind.

2. The best leaders know that they aren’t supposed to be the smartest in the room.

They are supposed to surround themselves with the smartest people in the room. Their job is to hire the best people so they can get insightful input from their teams, asking “What do you think about this?” and “What should we do in this situation?” They are always looking for the right people to help make decisions.

3. The best leaders talk with their customers.

They sit down at the table and ask them questions. Whether it’s a restaurant owner, car dealer or doctor, good leaders are always asking what they can do better. They ask questions like, “What is our company about from your perspective?” or “What are we doing good, and what do you think our weaknesses are?”

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