Day in the Virtual Assistant Life: Cheryl Schwartz

Ever wondered what it means to be a virtual assistant? Cheryl has the answer for you.

Meet Virtual Assistant, Cheryl Schwartz. Cheryl has been contracting part-time for BELAY for almost three years and serves one of our C-Suite executives. Today, we’ll hear from her about what being a virtual assistant means, and why she decided to work from home.

Why The Third Option?

We asked Cheryl why she chose the third option. “When we decided I would stay home with our son after he was born, I was very fortunate to continue working for my former employer remotely,” explains Cheryl. After that season of life ended, she wanted to bring additional income into the household but dreaded the thought of going back to a “real office.” She loved being able to dash up to her kids’ schools when needed, handle doctor’s appointments, and other family responsibilities without having to schedule time off.

“I was so blessed to come across BELAY. It was truly a godsend to me and my family as it helps financially, keeps my skills sharp, and lends an excitement that comes with all of the new things I’m learning,” she said.

What Keeps You Motivated?

“From the day I started working in my engagement, I felt like I was part of the team– not always an easy feat when you’re hundreds of miles away. I love that my client knows she can count on me at any time, and I know I’m valued.” We love hearing things like this from our clients and contractors. BELAY is making a difference through relationships like Cheryl has with her client. Their business is growing through the support of a trusted team member, no matter the miles between them.

“I have been able to grow and expand my role in my client’s business as they have experienced growth.” Cheryl’s client increased the number of hours she works to support the increasing needs of the business.

Have There Been Challenges?

“My client’s biggest challenge was being willing (and ready) to relinquish things to me. It took a while because she was a one woman show for so long. I had to prove to her I could handle whatever she threw at me, and I was okay with that.” Once Cheryl established that trust with her client, there was no turning back for either of them. Delegation for the win!

We also asked Cheryl to share with us any struggles she had transitioning to a remote workplace that she had had to overcome. She said it was tracking her time. Cheryl says, “It’s so easy to go over my hours with my client. The line between work and home gets blurred so easily if you’re not careful.” BELAY ensures we equip our clients and contractors with tools and coaching around boundary setting and transparent communication, as well as reporting to one another. It is a hugely important aspect of any engagement.

Favorite Part of Being a Virtual Assistant?

“I honestly love my team! We’ve become friends in life as well as work. We interact often throughout our day. If working virtually is an option for your family or lifestyle, do it! I have days where I can work outside on the deck soaking up the sunshine. I can’t imagine working any other way. I love my BELAY life!”

Thank you, Cheryl; we are equally as grateful for all that you do.

It’s Your Turn!

If you are interested in seeing if working as a contractor with BELAY is right for you, visit our jobs page.