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“One word: relief.”

That’s how Joe Garcia of NoFo Brew Co. describes his life-changing experience with his BELAY Bookkeeper.

Now, meet Joe. 

A long-time Forsyth County resident with a passion for craft beer and a perpetual craving for adventure, he’s literally tasted it all over the world. He’s summited peaks in the western U.S. He’s skied the breathtaking backcountry of the U.S. and Canada. He’s watched the great migration on safari in Africa, tasted wine in South America, backpacked trails all over the U.S., and explored all over Europe.  

Simply put: He loves adventure.

What Joe doesn’t love? Bookkeeping. And most of us couldn’t exactly blame him. And, admittedly, a craft beer vs. bookkeeping proposition hardly seems like a fair matchup.

“Everything falls on you initially when you’re first starting [a business] because you just don’t have a staff,” Joe explains. “So how do we fill in the gaps for the really key roles that we need?”

Another BELAY client, Wes Gay of Wayfinder, can relate. 

A married father of two just starting his entrepreneurial journey, he was staring down a lot of questions and uncertainty.

“Because I was new to being a business owner and particularly new to hiring somebody, I had so many questions – ‘What is this person actually going to do for me? What am I hiring?’” he explains. 

That wouldn’t be the first time we’ve fielded such questions. Finally deciding to get yourself the help you desperately need and deserve – while decidedly exhilarating – isn’t without its fair share of gray areas. At least initially.

But we’ve got you covered.

“The BELAY process really helps you hone in on, ‘This is what you actually need,’” Wes says. “I had a season – about six months after I started my business – where I just started traveling a bunch. I can sit on an airplane and do a bunch of work or at an airport but things just started getting harder and harder to manage – and some of the days could be 18 hours just trying to get it done.”

And Joe would rather spend his time doing just about anything but bookkeeping.

“I cannot imagine doing bookkeeping and payroll and tax compliance and payroll taxes and things like that,” he shares. 

But thankfully, his BELAY Bookkeeper can.

“Our Bookkeeper’s name is Amanda,” he says. “Amanda is fantastic. She has a 20-year background in accounting. And her husband is a farmer – so she’s literally sitting in the middle of Kansas dialing into our business. She understands our business front-to-back – video calls, emails, phone calls – she’s been right on top of responding to anything we’ve needed so we can check that box.”

But back to the relief Joe mentioned. 

Because beyond ROIs, metrics, analytics and the business of being in business, that relief is, ultimately, the real gift.

“As I go home at night, I don’t have to worry about if we paid our payroll taxes,” Joe says.

“The team at BELAY is really dedicated to your success as a business owner and as a leader,” Wes explains, “and, ultimately, as a man or a woman in your home life or work like to be a better version of who you already are.”


So, now we have to ask you, reader, what would your better version be? 

And why haven’t you started yet?

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