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In this episode of the One Next Step podcast, Tricia and LZ welcome Dorian Usherwood. Dorian has 26 years of experience in brand strategy development, customer experience, and brand development and management among many other skills. 

Dorian is a master at using visual expression as a way to communicate a marketing message. The conversation throughout this episode centers around that as well as what leaders need to know about creating a great brand experience for their company — and how to use that to move the company forward.


Here are some key takeaways they shared:


1. Brand experience is about consistency.


A brand experience is all of the tangible and intangible touchpoints an internal or external person has with the brand. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a large corporation, a growing startup, or a brand-new small company, consistency carries a ton of weight.

When people interact with your brand, they expect the same treatment and the same experience every time. That’s when you begin to grow and be known as a brand. It’s important to review, reflect and refine your brand experience continuously.


2. Your brand experience isn’t just external — it’s also internal.


It’s about your team members and their experience working for you. How are they connecting to the brand? How do they answer the question, “What does it mean to work here?” Is their experience of the company culture similar?

Make sure you don’t focus on customer experience so much that you forget about the team.

3. All touchpoints should create interactions that are consistent with who you say you are as a brand.


Whether it’s marketing, sales, customer service, or a greeter inside a big box store, all of your brand’s interactions should have a similar feel. Continue seeking feedback to make sure you aren’t out of touch with what you say you are versus how your customers are experiencing your brand.


This episode’s download is a fun one — Dorian is sharing the recipe for his irresistible lasagna from scratch. Download it, try it, and let us know what you think!