1-on-1s in 7Geese

The 1-on-1 meeting with your leader is your key to a healthy, happy and successful workplace. 

Your one-on-one meeting is your opportunity to:

  • Communicate your contributions, so you can get acknowledgement and recognition for all the hard work you’ve done
  • Resolve any miscommunications that could create tension between you and your leader
  • Get important guidance, so you don’t head in the wrong direction
  • Get career and personal growth through development and career management
  • Build and maintain a healthy relationship with your manager


BELAY is beginning to leverage our 7Geese platform for our 1-on-1 meetings!

You and your leader can use this tool to collaborate on a meeting agenda to ensure you always cover the topics that are important to you. It’s also a great place to keep detailed Meeting Minutes and track Action Items so those don’t get lost from week to week.

Prep for your 1-on-1

  1. As you scroll down you will see the Topics determined by the Template you selected with space for you to add your notes
    1. As you add your notes the system will autosave everything
    2. Note that your leader can access this form in parallel and enter their own notes and also respond to your questions prior to your meeting
  2. Below the preset Topics you’ll see the options
    1. Add a New Topic by clicking the “+” 
      1. Enter the question or discussion topic
      2. Set the format you’d like
      3. Click the “Publish” button
      4. Add your notes just as you did with the previous sections
    2. Attach a file (either from your computer or Google Drive)
  3. Optional – you can “Send a notification email” to let your leader know you’ve entered your notes
  4. IMPORTANT – do not hit “Finalize 1-on-1” until after you have your 1-on-1 meeting with your leader

Conduct your 1-on-1

  • During your 1-on-1 both you and your leader can update notes, these will again autosave but you may need to refresh the screen to see what each other is entering
  • You can capture Action Items above the notes section, once you enter the AI you can assign it to the appropriate person and set a due date
  • After your 1-on-1 is complete scroll down and click the blue “Finalize 1-on-1” button