You Can Have A Job,

Have A Life,

And Enjoy Both.

POP QUIZ: What do Inc. Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, The Atlanta Business Chronicle, and FlexJobs all have in common?

ANSWER: They have all recognized BELAY as one the best places to work – not that we needed awards and fanfare to know that.

We love where we work, and now, you can, too!

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You Just Found The Job You Never Thought Existed.

We’ve always been proud to lead the charge in disrupting the status quo – and ‘How Things Have Always Been Done.’ For too long, it was widely accepted that there were two options for work: full-time, in-office employment and unemployment. Employment was binary, and there was no in-between. Because while working in a traditional office setting works for some, it doesn’t necessarily work for every entrepreneur, gig contractor, business or employee.

Why? Because life, that’s why.

But we knew better – so we set out to create something better. And now, with 10 years of successfully being a 100-percent remote organization, we realized our work wasn’t done. There are others like us out there. Maybe you want to be able to pick up your kids after school every day. Maybe you prefer to work at your own pace, maybe even alone, on your own schedule. Maybe you have recurring medical appointments. Maybe you’re an empty-nester who wants more flexibility.

You deserve a better way to work and live.

Whatever intersectional stage of professional and personal life you’re in, one thing is certain: You deserve a better way to work and live. So whether you’re a Virtual Assistant, Bookkeeper, Social Media Manager or Website Specialist, we have clients right now who need your expertise and insight. You can have a meaningful career working from home while being present and available for loved ones, too. And it starts with BELAY.

Work and life shouldn’t be so hard.

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Sick of chasing down invoices?

Ready to be freed from your cubicle?

Tired of searching for your own clients?

Need work/life balance?

Ready to use your talents again?

Looking for community?

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Why Work At BELAY?

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Virtual Assistants

Are you a dedicated, proven professional who brings experience and expertise to everyone you serve? Do you have a knack for being resourceful, helpful and proactive? Do organization, planning and problem-solving make you giddier than most people can understand?

Virtual Bookkeeping

Most people don’t love spreadsheets – but some do. Is that you? Because our Bookkeepers and Accounting Clerks arm our clients with clear, simple, and updated financial information. Level with us: Have you ever provided financials so good a CPA shed a tear?

Website Specialists

Are you super tech savvy surfing the intrawebs? Do you geek out talking about the specs on HTML end-line rotary girders? Because while we likely had you fooled, tech is not exactly our forte – but if it’s yours, do we have the job for you!

Social Media Managers

Trust tree: Do you live and breathe social media? Does every ping, ding and red-badge notification give you anticipatory butterflies as you eagerly engage with people online? Now more than ever, organizations are realizing they need people just like you. Like, yesterday.

Your next great career move starts with one click.

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Go through our assessment process to see if we’re the right fit for you.


Once approved, we match you with your ideal client.

A few questions you may be asking ...

How many hours a week can I work?

We have contractors who work as little as 10 hours per week (the minimum) while others choose to work 40+ hours per week.

Do contractors work specific hours?

Our contractors are asked to be available to their clients Monday through Friday, normal business hours. This means a contractor is typically on-call for a client’s needs those days and hours.

Will you train me?

BELAY contracts with the best, most highly skilled professionals in the industry — those who self-develop and self-train.

We do provide resources and ongoing support for our contractors via webinars, mentors, and coaching, and have a community where contractors can share best practices with each other.

What is the application process like and how long is it?

Conducted over email and video conference calls, our application process consists of two interviews along with a skills assessment.

Be on the lookout for an email address once your application is submitted. Most candidates move from initial interview to final interview within a week or two.

Where can I apply for a job with BELAY?

Our available positions are posted to our website, Indeed, Glassdoor, LinkUp, ZipRecruiter, Monster, Facebook, Flexjobs,, and Virtual Vocations.

We don’t post to other classified advertisement websites unless listed previously.

Can I continue to work full-time and supplement my current position with BELAY?

Currently, all of our positions require full daytime availability and are not project-based.

If you’re working in an office or on-demand in another position, we would consider this a conflict of interest.

Who is a typical contractor?

Most contractors have at least some college, with over 75 percent having at least a bachelor’s degree. Most of them come to us with years of experience from a variety of professional careers.


We are an Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action employer and contractor. We do not discriminate based upon race, religion, color, national origin, political affiliation, gender (including pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical conditions), sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, age, status as a protected veteran, status as an individual with a disability, or other applicable legally protected characteristics. BELAY will not tolerate discrimination or harassment based on any of these characteristics.